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Whistle on the River
The Mercy Brothers Lyrics

I will share with you the warmth of a summer evening's breeze
A loving word that's whispered soft and low
But he way of life I've chosen can be led by only one
I'll tell this to you now so will know.

For there's a whistle on the river, and it's calling with a tune
That's buried deep inside of me and I'll be leaving soon
There's a rhythm from the wheels, and the wings are on my heels
And the winds are singing perfect harmony

I'm like any man who's in his prime and dreams of things undone
And who must be free to wander where he may
Can't be burdened by a love nor a task to tie me down
Please believe me when I say I cannot stay.

Repeat chorus"

I know it's hard to realize that I must leave again
But your rival is not someone you can see
It's not easy to explain, my attempt would be in vain
Perhaps you'll understand that it must be.

Writer(s): Douglas Billard, Don Cochrane

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