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I Want Wind to Blow
by The Microphones

The thunder clouds broke up
The rain dried up
The lightning let up
The clacking shutters just shut up

There's no black or white
No change in the light
No night, no golden sun
The sound of cars, the smell of bars
The awful feeling of electric heat
Under fluorescent lights, they sacrifice
There's hard feelings, there's pointless waste

I want wind (Ah)
To blow

My clothes off me, sweep me off my feet
Take me out, don't bring me back
Oh, where I can see days passed by me
I have no head to hold in grief
But there's no hope for me, I've been set free
There's no breeze, there's no ship on my sea


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“Yay momma said I can pick a cd to take home! Oh! I want the cute elephant one it looks cool!”

12 years later

“Suicide is badass”

Joe M.

This dude rhymes up with up four times and it's still amazing

Félix García

I showed this to my ex-friend. He didn’t like it at all.


I love both of you just because you love this song

Burn Like Neon

I love you.

Dingus Stuff

My mind when someone is talking to me: 4:24

fuck you funny comment

Big Chungus

Dingus Stuff very factual


what emotion am i feeling

papi habobi


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