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by The Middle East

Older brother, restless soul, lie down
Lie for a while with your ear against the earth
And you'll hear your sister sleep talking
Say, "Your hair is long but not long enough to reach
Home to me
But your beard
Someday might be"

And she'll wake up in a cold sweat on the floor
Next to a family portrait drawn when you were four
And beside a jar of two cent coins that are no good no more
She'll lay it aside

Older father, weary soul, you'll drive
Back to the home you made on the mountainside
With that ugly, terrible thing
Those papers for divorce
And a lonely ring
A lonely ring
Sit on your porch
And pluck your strings

And you'll find somebody you can blame
And you'll follow the creek that runs out into the sea
And you'll find the peace of the Lord

Grandfather, weary soul, you'll fly
Over your life once more before you die
Since our grandma passed away
You've waited for forever and a day
Just to die
And someday soon
You will die

It was the only woman you ever loved
That got burnt by the sun too often when she was young
And the cancer spread and it ran into her body and her blood
And there's nothing you can do about it now

Written by: Rohin Jones, Jordan Ireland

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Gus J

I came home from the hospital and listened to this song, the night my Dad decided he was ready to die. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) in 2000, and fought it for 17 years. Several years of pain & fear & chemo & experimental treatments & uncertainty... but also several years of joy... Us going to STL Cardinals games together, Casino trips, playing in golf tournaments together; He got to see his son graduate college, buy his first house, and he met his son's wife and his granddaughter.

The cancer came back in December 2016 with a fury, and spread to his kidneys, liver, and lungs. He spent his last month in the hospital; and after 17 years of fighting cancer, he was done. He said stop everything & let me go to hospice. That was on a Friday morning. We got him to hospice, got him settled & got him comfortable... we were thinking it would be 3 or 4 days.

So... I left Hospice around 11 p.m. that Friday night, got home and poured a drink, and listened to this song. Several times.

At 7 a.m. the next morning, I got a call from my mom that my Dad had passed.

Listening to this song now... brings tears to my eyes, until the end... then it makes me remember all of the good times I had with my Dad. And then, I cry out of happiness.

Matheus Henrique

It's interesting how sometimes when our loved ones are very sick they know the exact time to go, my grandfather found out about a prostate cancer when it was already stage four, no matter what treatments he did it was just too late, took about 6 months for him to go, it had meths all around his body, his bones lungs and heart, even his face had these huge nodules but he only died the night after he saw everyone from our family and said goodbye, he had been waiting for a week at the hospital for the rest of the family to come in so he could deliver a message to each and everyone.

Calum O'Toole

My dad died of brain cancer last year so this song is a tough listen for me I hope you and your family are ok

Laura Payne

I hope you’re doing better right now. All pain stays in our hearts, but we learn to welcome it as time goes on.

Satya S

Sad to read this but very well put... stay strong brother.

Zachary Koenig

Stay strong and may your dad rest easy.

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Quincy Ingalls

Don't you just love it when you find this unique song, and just have to play it over and over and over again, and you find the band's other songs, but none of them makes you have this unique and amazing feel that that one song does.
But the horrible part is it's unique. No song is quite like it. and you want to find more music like this, but you cant.
Doesn't it drive you insane?

Manas Tripathi

Quincy Ingalls u just spoke the words in my mouth

Manas Tripathi

Whoever you just the words in my mouth....this song

Peanutbutter Coat

Mystery of love and new slang are the only songs I have similar feelings to

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