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The Monitors Lyrics

This is Uncle Sam
I want to take you
To a far off land

I need you
Oh, I need you
Yes, I need you
To lend a helping hand

Said goodbye
To all my buddies
Say hello
To your new friends
'Cause you're in the army now
And your new life has just begun

I need you
Oh, I need you
Yes, I need you
To lend a helping hand

I can just see me now
With a rifle in my hand
I'm gonna have to say
Goodbye to my girl
And I hope she doesn't
Find another man
And baby, baby
While I'm away
Please, please write everyday

Oh no, no
Please don't take me, Uncle Sam
You're in the army now

Goodbye, baby
So long, friends
Goodbye, baby
I hope to see you again

I need you
(Come on, boy)
Oh, I need you
(We're gonna make a man out of you)
Yes, I need you
To lend a helping hand
(This one training
You're not gonna miss)

Come on, boy
Whatta mean you've never heard of KP
I don't care if it's 4 in the morning
There is a right way
A wrong way
And there's my way
You'll do it my way

Come on, boy
On the double
Get in step, boy
Come on, now
March, march

Your mama's a long ways off, boy
So stop your crying
Get in step, boy
Left, right
Left, right
I said get in step, boy

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This song reminds me of my brother, who served in Viet Nam. Before he left, he had a great and funny personality, but came back very serious for a long time. He said we would not believe the things he saw. I thank God he came back alive and well. GOD BLESS ALL!

Dortha Hardman

To bad they(the gov.) Cannot reprogram to back they were :(

understanding the scripture

It reminds me of my brother as well. He came back home got on drugs for years. He committed Suicide some years after I know it was due to the effects of the war

Monica Galvan

God is good


My brother served in Vietnam also and he came back they same way but he came out of it thank God and now he is resting with our mother in heaven.thank you to everyone that is serving and that has served in our military I thank you for keeping us safe at night while we sleep.

Lule Melgarejo

God bless your brother always and in every way. Thank him for his service.

Joey Diaz

Man this track has so much meaning. To Chicanos and our history. WW2 Zuit Suit Riots. And just the way Chicanos were treated. I had family that served. Came home to signs saying no Mexicans allowed.


I'm sorry your family has had this experience Joey. Everyone who serves this country has a place here regardless of where they're born. If this is where you live and you have the heart to step up and serve it then you should not have to have these experiences. Hope everyone is well.

Nicholas Negrete


Dennis Hamill

I am a white guy and I think itโ€™s atrocious what has happened and what is still happening in this country. When I was a kid I thought the world would be united when I grew up, sadly, this country still seems to be ruled by old rich white men.

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