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Night of the Vampire
The Moontrekkers Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Night of the Vampire' by these artists:

Entombed Tonight â?? is the night of the vampire Tonight â?? is…
Grim Reaper If you think you're safe at midnight, That's the last thing…
Roky Erickson Tonight is the night of the vampire Tonight is the night…

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Comments from YouTube:

simon simmons

This song is FUCKING BRILLIANT.  This is full-on genius.  This song should be rated as on of the greatest guitar instrumentals of the R&R era.  This song is a R&R masterpiece.


The guitarist was called Gary Leport. I played with Gary in 1964 in a band call The Dimensions which was one of Rod Stewart's first backing bands. Gary still plays today!.

nero bua

@bobinscotland i wonder why you got no answer?


Hi Mike... I know the band toured Scotland in 1963 with Rod, and you were listed as part of that tour on my notes. Rod had left the band by Nov 63 though. Can you remember any of the dates of gigs before Martin Shaw and Kenny White took over from you and Gary in October 63.

Charles Hanley

I just love this song.  The BBC banned it for being creepy.  I wish the Moontrekkers recorded more.  Joe Meek lives...


imagine hearing a doom/sludge metal cover of this...that would be awesome.....


I love this! I wish the Beatles had recorded with this guy, like they almost did. Big thumbs up.


it was that "guy's" choice not to work with them lol

Devon Dunbar

I always think about how "From Dusk Till Dawn" could have and should used this over the opening credits. I can see in my head exactly how I would have done it if I was the director.


Love it <3 this is very unheard of. People who always look to new bands coming from little clubs with names like "Forever My heart Melts With Death" can shut up and listen to Moontrekkers. This is legit awesome. I think all good music started in the 60s and it just hasn't been the same since.

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