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by The Moorings

This story started off on a glorious day of fall
When me and the lads got ready and set out to roam
On this journey of a lifetime where none of us did know
How far away our travels would take us from our home
Wandering from town to town with all our gear
We bring the sound of Irish folk around all ears
This doesn't pay the bills but man's gotta eat
So alcohol provides until better days can feed
CH: Drinking pints of beer, Paddy brings me down
Having strong Whiskey, Seamus hit the ground
Palinka's a shocker, drunk is all we are
The party's going well, every night we close the bar
Sitting on the grubby pavement right after the show
Hanging out outside as the cold wind blows
Rain's pouring down on you as you try to get some sleep
God bless the helping hand holding out a beer
Life is always dealing us a pretty tough deck
But no matter the price to pay and the pain in the neck
There is nothing to change no matter the frustration
So Bottom's up it is until we knock out sensation
So yes we are just a bunch of drunks!!! So what!!!
But no we're no scum on the run!!! Fuck that!!!
We do miss our dear moms and could use a good shower
But friendship and booze are way so fucking better
Finally to bring an ending to the story
The drinks and laughs we shared are great memories
And so we raise a glass to all the folks gathering around
It's good to know there's someone out there you can count on

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