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Set Sail
The Movement Lyrics

Tell me where you going and where you been
Take me away from the world I'm in
Cause when it's filled with sin, crime, strife, and danger
And everybody seems a little bit stranger
I can't seem to find my right of way, I say
It's getting harder every day, in every way
It's hard to explain how I feel, but I know the feeling is real

Whenever my ship sets sail, I'll be on the shore
Dancing with the ocean like I never did before
And watch it as it comes and goes
'Cause I know that someone knows
This is the life for me

And whenever my ship sets sail
I'll be on the beach
Waltzing to the water with the sand beneath my feet
So I can watch another sunrise
You know I can't deny
This is the life for me, the life for me

Whenever my ship sets sail
The water be my daughter
Take it all away, leave me waiting for the slaughter
After the fact it's that this is my habitat
This is the life for me
And wherever the water runs deep
You are not alone
Look up in the sky, let the stars take you home
After the fact it's that, this life is where it's at
This is the life for me

Tell me where you going and where you been
Take me away from the world I'm in/
Cause when I'm giving in to all the pain and pressure
And everybody out there is coming to get you
I'll never let them come and take my soul away, I say
It's getting harder everyday, in every way
It's hard to explain how I feel but I know the feeling is real

Everybody, all the time
Everybody, get right now
Everybody, all the time
Everybody, get right down to it

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Comments from YouTube:

Divine Patchouli & Pine

My cousin passed away this year. He was so sick. I finally told my aunt about how I learned about this song, this year. Him and his white boy reggae, a synchronistic reconnection with an old friend led me here.
Well, first time I heard it, it was HIM that was dancing on the shore in my head. The thought was so sudden and invasive. I believe he was saying his ships came in and he was just fine. Happy, at peace. He was dancing and so healthy. I will never not love this song because of that vision that came to me in between the stress of being a single mom and questioning finances on my ride home. I know I saw him, wherever he was. THAT KINDA HAPPY.


this NEVER gets old <3

Wesley Crawford

They played this in Jersey last Friday. Along with 2 fat scoops of an awesome mix of tunes. Old and New. Absolute LOVE these guys. Their energy is as clean as it comes!❤💛💚 would fully recommend seeing them live if the opportunity presents itself. Side note. My girl and I drove 4.5 hrs each way to see this show!!!100% worth every second and every dime. ❤💛💚

Justin Hyatt

still one of my fav songs. I was lucky enough to see the movement multiple times live with the original lead singer and I wish I could relive the experiences.

Dominic Blanchard

Just saw them them live. And they played this song! Epic performance as always!

Shadow Watcher

Saw these guys open for 311 in ‘09 and they rocked the house. Sadly the crowd was really weird that night but it was still a good time

Christina MBD

Amazing... exactly how I feel right now. Love this song!

Andy Drawbaugh

This is my heart and soul all mixed up in a song.... one love and bless up! Thank you!!


So many of my friends have passed in a month. This song always makes me think of them crying but with a smile.

Bill McFancypants

i remember when i was in high school me and my friends would listen to this song and just chill in my buddy's basement. amazing song, brings back a lot of great memorys

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