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The Music Clinic Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Detergent' by these artists:

Kosa Toksyczne postacie Które mijam i ja I toksyczne relacje Któr…
Nosgov It′s quite funny (This this nosgov exclusive) How they been …
Winnie Nwagi Hahaha.hahaha(eeh eeh)hahahaha.(eeh) Nze nalinga ngoye zino …

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Comments from YouTube:


I saw Dream Theater yesterday, they played this during the intermission, alongside a bunch of other random DT related stuff found on youtube :)


Mike is hilarious, one of the funniest and best teachers I've ever had.

Franco Pellicani

Bloody hell, it's exhilarating!! I can't belive it! I've always thought he isn't a musician infact...


@MetalDestroysAll Mike Mangini has the world record for most single strokes in a minute. Does that not mean he's the fastest? He got 1247 in 60 seconds. Also, Gene Hoglan plays quite a different genre of music (well, another type of metal) so comparing them would be pretty bizarre. If Gene is faster, why doesn't he have a world record for it? 


Actually, practicing on detergent lids would be a good accuracy exercise!

Alexander Leach

I remember seeing this on TV back all those years ago! Oh, if only I knew what would happen later on in the future...


Mike is one of the best drummers around!! Cool guy and a class act!

World's Fastest Drummer

Mike Mangini is a true and awesome WFD Champ! It is an honor to be in the World's Fastest Drummer family with him. Great video and advertisment by the way :) WFD

Dupont Jean-Bébert

M. Mangini seems to have a great sense of humor (seen on masterclass) I like this ad hehe !


he seems like a really funny guy, just the way he moves.

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