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Nothing To Be Done
by The Pastels

Take my hand and take my heart
I shiver when you're near
Deliver me from everything that drives me, oh my dear

Accelerate your pain
White knuckles on the wheel again
Shut your mouth, let's move on out of here
Just try and keep it light
Or someone may get hurt tonight
Don't talk that way, don't talk that way, don't talk that way

Hold it there a second
Let me dump this stupid pride
I'm ready for you sweet-heart
Now my mind is open wide

Shut up and make it count
Your concentration paramount
Remember what was meant to be this year
The past is a disaster
And the future's coming faster now
What do you say we go and get a beer?

Simply nothing to be done
Oh tell me i'm the only one
Simply nothing to be done
Tell me I'm the only one

When i was young
I used to sing
I didn't care for anything
When i was young i used to sing
I didn't care for anything
Simply nothing to be done
Tell me I'm the only one

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Comments from YouTube:

Robert Guzman

The past is a disaster and the futures coming faster now. What do you say we go and get a beer?

Phillip O'Brien

The same line that I always remember... after too many pint's.... but a ballsey lyric ☘️!


When there's nothing to be done, a beer becomes all that can be done

Isis Anamilet Portillo Cortes

My favourite part

Matt Matt Matt

I think she says 'a degree' A beer makes more sense though ;)


Robert Guzman might be one of my favourite lines in a song

James Kerfoot

It was The Pastels!!! The Pastels!!

Finally, I've found it!! After all these years, the background music to the scene in the movie The Acid House where hapless Boab Coyle's gorgeous girlfriend, played by Jenny McCrindle, hops out of bed and gets dressed without showering. This song has loitered in my head for more than 20 years and I'm elated to have finally put a name to it.

I am shocked, though, to discover that Jenny McCrindle, who played her, died of symptoms resulting from mutliple sclerosis in 2014, and that her acting career was abruptly curtailed just a couple of years after this scene was shot by that diagnosis. I extend my most sincere sympathies to her family.

Chris Brown

I saw them play at the Hacienda in Manchester, 3rd on a bill of four bands when the headline was the Jesus and Mary Chain. They were fabulous but I didn't know what they were called. Took me 20 years to find out. Then, just like you - It was the Pastells!!! The Pastells!! Finally saw them play again in 2017.

SeA Quilt

the most roller coaster comment in the history of YouTube

Amanda Laggan

This sounds like a little flower sprouting from a crack in the pavement. :)

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