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Good Times
The Persuasions Lyrics

Good times, good times
There's gonna be good times, good times

Got no job, baby
And my pockets don't seem to have a jingle
But as long as you let me hold you tight
Everything is gonna be alright
Everything is gonna be alright, baby

Things are lookin' real bad
Real bad, baby
I can't afford the fancy dancing places
But as long as you have faith in me
We'll have ourselves a grand time, oh yes we will
There'll be no dancing down, Lord knows

There's gonna be good times
We'll have the world on a silver platter
The only thing right now that matters
Is keepin' you right here with me for now
Only thing I got is a little love to offer you
But as long as you tell me I'm your man
We'll have ourselves a ball
We'll love, but that ain't all
We don't need a whole lot of money
All we need is a little bit of honey

I know there's gonna be good times
There's gonna be good times
There's gonna be good times
There's gonna be good times
Good times, good times
There's gonna be good times
There's gonna be good times
There's gonna be good times

Writer(s): Sam Cooke

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Fly high kobe


Nothing beats the original

Anderson Santos


3Hunnit W

From a 70 year old 20 year old

Julie Lawson

That lead singer is Jerry Lawson, he is alive and  still  fantastic. His new 2015 release:  "Just A Mortal Man" He is touring so check out his website, sign up to get new tour dates. Don't miss this living legend. Ain't a  real soul singer  out there today. he is the last of the real thing. Right up there with Sam Cooke, Brook Benton, Jerry Butler..


Young Thug brought me here!  bringing 1972 back in style! #shoutout  to #jamiexx  and #youngthug

Jayden :D

Only bitches hate on young thug. He’s a great artist.

Kerington Youmans

Classy was me deleting it....Now from this point you wont get another word from me. You actually enjoying this attention...go troll somewhere else.

Ajeet Singh

So being classy is making a comment pertaining to my race/skin colour and then deleting it?

Kerington Youmans

No just a littler classier than you. So what i'll do from this point is even better.

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