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A Thousand Years
The Piano Guys Lyrics

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Samantha Yetroski

Me and my best friend, Emma, listened to this song when we were about twelve years old, all the time together. So that we would never forget each other. We would dance together and laugh and play and be happy. Since this is basically a sad song, we decided to change the meaning and make it a happy song to us. So that when ever we listen to this we're happy and not sad. We liked it better without words. We didn't know why. We just did. I listened to this song when we didn't see each other or one of us was on a trip without the other. She said that she did the same and that made this that much more special. We met each other when we were 2 years old and instantly became best friends (our parents were friends).

We had a very strong connection to each other. Until she was tragically killed in a car accident. Our friend ship lasted 17 years.

This song was played at her funeral.

I listen to this and remember out fun times together. I miss her so much.

Rest In Peace

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Jordann W

Walked down the aisle to this song at my wedding yesterday. Covid didn’t stop us from eloping! ❤️

אריה כרמי חסד

תשמעו מה הוא אומר חזק עוצמות

Trinidad LvsC

Happy Anniversary, dear ones! May your lives together be filled with much love, respect, joy. May the adversities you will both face bring you closer to one another. May your love for one another deepen and strengthen through the years. And when you both are old and gray, you will each see each other as beautiful and handsome still. I send you many blessings from the Lord. ❤️ 😊

I stay in the closet

Congrats! I doubt I’ll be getting a girlfriend anytime soon, I mean…who would want someone with insomnia, anger issues, Tourettes, and adhd, like me? Once again congratulations! 🎉

Eileen Bachemin

Sooo perfect 🥰💞👌😍❤ Congratulations 👏🙌

Aware & Watching

@Multiverse Media my husband and I also married to this song last year. Ours was May 1st. Read that the date stands for “new beginnings” and it was both of our second marriage so it was the perfect date for us. 💕
Congrats on your nuptials. 🦋

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Stu Gregory

My wife had this song as she walked down the aisle yesterday to marry me. Was very emotional. I struggled getting words out after. Thanks a lot the memories will last a lifetime for us both and the family ❤

Joel Ethington

@wojo808 How is she now?😥

Joel Ethington

@ǝǝɹɟ ʞɐǝɹq Yes, indeed. And so will yours, too.💗

Lola Purdey


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