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Out All Night
The Pietasters Lyrics

I don't need to tell the truth
But I never lie
I don't need to bow to you
You're just passing by
I never wanted to be the one you bitch and moan and come home to
But as long as you look good, I'll talk back to you
Get inside my troubled mind
With all of your threats
Sometimes I think I was blind
Not before we met
I never wanted to be the one that you depend on for your life
When you cry it smells like soup,
Sometimes shown at night, never be the way

Stay out all night, I've got a right each time I
Stay out all night, know I just might you make me
Stay out all night, it's just the side of you tonight that makes me
Stay out all night, I'm gonna stay out all night

You're an evil little girl
I'm a twisted man
Tear into your perfect world
Make you understand
I never wanted to be the one you bitch and moan and come home to
But as long as you look good
I'll talk back to you and you have things to do


I will never treat you bad
You deserve the best from me
If you want to keep you place
You'd better get down on you knees


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Comments from YouTube:


Street Sk8er introduced me to this band. What a great soundtrack!

Crimson_ Sean

That game launched a lifelong love of punk and ska for me.


Same here


Janne Mikael Pasanen weston

Janne Mikael Pasanen

Street sk8er is where i heard this and it made me explore a whole new genre when i was a teen (approx 15 years ago). Still to this day i listen to less than jake which was a group i listened to in search of this song.

Kassidy Renault

The Singer, was a substitue teacher at my Highschool


street sk8er

Isaac Wisti

NCAA 06 had the best soundtrack ever in a video game

Nathaneil Haviland

This was on Street Sk8er for PS1 way before NCAA 06

Henry Janssen

Played Option Dash mini game religiously until my friend's landlord accidentally chucked our Xbox last May. Speaking of which, what ever happened to mini games?

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