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Cry Cry Crow
The Pines Lyrics

In the morning, I buckle my shoes like a pilgrim
And make my way to the highway
In the silhouette of silos
Cry, cry, crow

I love you, more than you'll ever know dear
Before I was born I could hear you
Calling my name from far away
Cry, cry, crow

In the distance, all the way from Iowa
The city glows like a beating
Heart upon the table
Cry, cry, crow

In the dome-light, wherever you are going
The hourglass your holding
Is filled with falling snow
Cry, cry, crow

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Comments from YouTube:



I was actually feeling moderately happy and then I heard this song and it broke my heart into a billion billion pieces. Already in my top 5 list of 2012. Well done, gentlemen. I can't applaud this song enough.


No joke, dude. That song was so perfect for that flick. This band is amazing. Thanks to Frozen surfing dude.


I've heard it yesterday, go to sleep with this song in my mind and opened eyes still with it.
Great music, greetings from Poland

Donald Lawson

Being from Minneapolis, how have I never heard of you guys. Your music is amazing

Jamie Turner

I found this browsing the GoPro channel... was watching a meatsicle surf Lake Superior.

Felix Mater Society

Amazing. I thought I knew all good music already. This tune is amazing! Just started to discover The Pines.


Guys it's the Wizard of Oz. The woodcutter (tin man), the cat (lion), and the scarecrow.

Eide Alves

I love this song since 2014.💕💕💕 Always thought that my soulmate would like this; the lyrics, the melody, and the depth of it. But not, all my lovers did not enjoy 😖

ps: Brazil loves it (só conheço eu, mas se vc for brasileiro e também é apaixonado por isso, aaaaaaaa, vamos ser amigos.)


I absolutely love this song. It puts me in the most amazing/thoughtful mood. However, I feel they could have produced a better, more focused video with such a beautiful song.

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