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Turn the Music Up
The Players Association Lyrics

turn the music up
turn the music up
turn it up
party down
you got you rmusic up
turn it up
party down
party down
turn the music up
turn it up and party down
turn the music up
and party down
and party down down down down

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Mai Nem

funny you should say that.

I was technically dead - then the surgeons played this song (something they always do when a patient dies, apparently ... makes them feel better).

First, my toe ... then my legs ... then my crotch, then my torso, them my arms .. then my head ... all convulsed in time to the music. It was miraculous!

I was nursed back to health and made a full recovery from man-flu.

Great song.

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Chris Montignani

Loved this track from the moment I heard it the first ever time. A jazz funk classic of the very highest order. Play loud is the only way to go with this track and if this doesn’t get your plums pumping and your feet tapping see a doctor as soon as possible. Hello from Scotland.

Duck Man


Dewey Schneebly

Hey Chris!! Scotland has the best musical taste, and has produced the best music in the world !!
( Proof?.... You n me knowing this beauty!)❤👍😊

Shawn C. T.

This is one of the most soulful Disco records of the 70's...

Martin Platt

Probably the finest disco track EVER. Incredible.

Geraldine Wilson

Brilliant in 1979 ....still brilliant in 2018. Hard to believe this track is almost 40 years old!

Mai Nem

@Martin Platt

I'm a trumpet player - but Brecker's solo on this is unforgettable. Certainly influenced my style of playing. (I was exposed to this at 16-years-old when I was teaching myself jazz ... my parents bought the album for 20p [a dime] at a charity shop [thrift shop])

... my other favourite song from the same album is "Ride the Groove"

Martin Platt

Amazing isn't it? No wonder, there's David Sanborn and the late Michael Brecker in there amongst some of the finest US session musicians.

Solar Radio

This great legendary hit reminds me of the days that i drove my Ford Granada down the sunny roads to the beach ! Rooftop Open and FULL BLAST !


lyceum ballroom Friday nights cream trousers = check grandad shirt =check double loop belt = check red hanky = check whistle = check thanks man love it

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