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A Walk In Wolf Wood
The Pleasure Cruisers Lyrics

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Joshua Patrick

The scene is a masterpiece. The agent trying to get Jordan to Bribe him without saying it and Jordan trying to determine if he’s really asking for one or if he’s trying to entrap him. Great stuff.


@some characters not allowed


Faizan Haque

Very well illustrated that’s exactly what’s happening

Rudi Mwongozi

It's the same any time you're in a situation with any aspect of law enforcement. Even if you're stopped in your car for running a stop sign or having a defective tail light. DO NOT talk too much. Only answer specific questions. As tersely and with as few words as possible. No details and no small talk. Get the encounter over as quickly as possible.

some characters not allowed

Wow big brain over here.


@Matthew Wolfe they probably did it like that to speed things along. It took years to catch Jordan, but a movie needs to make that exciting as possible within 2 hrs.

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Kain Vorador

“This is one of the nicest boats I’ve ever been on.”
“I bet it is.”

I love that line.


@High Fidelity you’re talking about “moving out of a basement” yet you spend half your day arguing with people on this channel bro☠️

James Kirks

This is one of the nicest movies I've ever seen

Matt Howdy

@John kreese Nah it shows how petty Jordan is. The FBI agent is happy with what he does. The one in a terrible marriage is Jordan.

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