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Suicide Hotline
The Prettiots Lyrics

On a scale from one to Plath I'm like a four
My head's not in the oven but I can't get off the floor
It's not that bad, I won't take it too far
I see a good shrink and hey dream boy's no bell jar
I'm not fine but I'll be okay
I probably won't kill myself today
Woolf took a dip with some rocks in her pockets
I'd say comparatively, I've got a bad case of the fuck it's
It's not that bad and I'm told I'll be fine
But it feels like shit right now, so just let me whine
I'm not fine but I'll be ok
I probably won't kill myself today
The sun rose for Hemingway when he was twenty-seven
I've got a couple of years but I doubt it's gonna happen
I'm pretty fucking jaded for someone my age
But I don't have any plans with Ernie's twelve-gauge
I'm not fine but I'll be okay
I probably won't kill myself today
I'm not okay but I guess I'll be fine
Please don't call suicide hotline, hotline

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Comments from YouTube:


do you think i'll get involuntarily committed if i show this song to my therapist

Operation Ada

i've lost count of how many times i pressed replay


You don't need to count! there's a loop thingy :3


This is such a beautiful song. The music itself is great, but the lyrics are so well thought out... It's amazing

Roxy Mendoza

Jesus this song got me down to the point

punk rock Michelle

Anthem on repeat ..

Frank Rakaczewski

I just stumbled over this, and this is exactly what I was looking for. Stop reading my mind, Rough Trade!!! But sers, this is fantastic.

Satish Dwivedi

Her voice! ! Its kinda of sweet

Patrick Harper

this is beautiful

Luis Gonzales

Y'all are honestly so badass 🔥

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