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Ball Of Alcohol
by The Prodigals

Politicians prattle lies and brace their borrowed might,
Nobble in the nighttime, and bomb in the broad daylight;
I'll be the man to lead the van, we'll fight and we'll change it all
Tonight I'll seek my solace in the ball of alcohol.
I can't get drunk enough,
I can't get drunk enough,
Call for the ball of alcohol,
I can't get drunk enough.
My best mate turned his back on me, and when I turned my own
I found he'd stuck a knife right below my shoulder bone;
I'll bide my time, I'll seek revenge, and then I'll plot his fall,
Or maybe I'll forgive him in the ball of alcohol.
My true love has left me; I suppose the truth to tell,
I drove her out the door and she drove me out as well.
She won't receive my letters, she won't return my call,
I might receive remission in the ball of alcohol.
I can hear the wise men tell me, for better or for worse,
We choose to walk away or we back out in a hearse.
Tonight their wisdom dwindles down til nothing's there at all,
And the words become a whisper in the ball of alcohol.

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