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A Humor Game
The Recital Lyrics

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The Toast Lord

After 69 games, the devs had to add nemesis to counter Leon.

Alexis Islas-Gonzalez



Lol now it's just dead by daylight.

John Dexter Zarate

@RADDragon 13 In the name of Leon!

Arthur Döhler


doodletron65 b

I mean nemesis is only slightly stronger then Mr x

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Jacob Cox

Scariest Resident Evil monsters:
William Birkin
Leon on his 69th playthrough

Jetstream Sam

Don't forget Chris on his quest to get someone to continue the Redfield bloodline.


why did i read "Regenerator" as "Refrigerator"
Me: "whats a refrigerator??? why is it scary????"

Kagemusha Shien

What if he is in his 70th playthrough

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