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The Residents Lyrics

Here I come Constantinople [Repeat: x1]
I am coming Constantinople
Here I come
All the leaves are off of the oak and
All of the sheep have followed the spoken
Word. I'm coming Constantinople
Here I come
So I stand out in the open
All my friends are with you I hope and
pray. I'm coming Constantinople
Here I come.
Here I come Constantinople [Repeat: x1]
I am coming Constantinople
Here I come

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(from The Residents Wikipedia "talk" page):
"The Residents" are not a real band. Hardy Fox (in character as Chuck Bobuck) admitted as much in an interview[1]. They are a fictional construct, in the same way Goofy or Donald Duck are fictional; their records, the art & advertisement/copy/press releases surrounding the records, the performers hired to portray them (even if said performers are also the creators, they are still "performers," in this case hiring themselves), should be approached similarly, and by taking this knowledge into account I feel this Wiki article may be vastly improved, exiting the realm of band-mythology and attempting to approach "reality" (a rather difficult and contentious notion in and of itself, as The Residents' mythology was manufactured [I think] to point out).

Walt Disney voice acting Mickey Mouse does not mean Walt Disney IS Mickey Mouse; hence Homer Flynn providing most of the voice(s) of "The Residents" on records (esp. after 1977), creating "their" lyrics, etc. does NOT mean he IS a Resident, because "The Residents" are an entirely fictional construct. Similarly, Hardy Fox coming out as "composer for The Residents" is no different than the fact that Mark Mothersbaugh was composer for "Rugrats" -- the key difference is that "The Residents" declined to credit individual contributors and purposefully sought to blur the line between fact & the media-manufactured fiction to which audiences had become accustomed via television, radio, merchandise (inc. LP's, singles, etc.), etc., whereas most productions credit all individuals clearly & decline to play such media games.

Interestingly, the guy wearing the Donald Duck costume at Disney World has been instructed to never disclose the fact that he "is" Donald Duck. He's told to tell friends/relatives/etc that he is "friends" with this aforementioned fictional icon. Very similar to "The Residents," which are a production of The Cryptic Corporation.

The goal, I think, of Homer Flynn, Hardy Fox, & the others involved in manufacturing "The Residents," was to intentionally blur the lines between fact and pop-culture mythology, as a sort of commentary on the relationship between art & business (called "Siamese twins" by Homer Flynn, in a lecture from the early '90's -- a reference to "God in Three Persons") and the audience which consumes its products.

We now live in an era where music and artist images are manufactured to market towards specific preexisting, risk-free demographics, readymade and pretending to "realness," when in actuality fictional & prefabricated. The "Pre-fab Four" were a clever commentary on this trend, already emergent in the early '70's when "The Residents" were first dreamed up. Press material is drawn up to be repeated by a vast network of online "influencers," which together generate the illusion of popularity and relevance to the consumer base; similarly (and in a much more crude, DIY, and relatively primitive/low-budget/tongue-in-cheek fashion), the creators of "The Residents" frequently wrote mythologized articles and reviews under false names to create the illusion that "The Residents" were real and worthy of attention (see: liner notes of "Third Reich n' Roll" release from 2011, review of MtR by "Harvey Sox" found on "The Residents 1972-1982" Facebook page, etc). A very interesting project.

[1] -- "The Residents concept is completely malleable. It doesn't have to be associated with music. It could become an iPhone app design company. That is the remarkable aspect that sets the Residents apart from 'bands.'" Please note that both "Will Rothers" and "Charles Bobuck" are pseudonyms of Hardy Fox, who -- in this press release masquerading as an interview -- is "interviewing" himself. Since the very beginning of "The Residents" concept, this sort of manufactured, misleading media game-playing has been utilized to playfully (?) whet interest in this essentially fictional "band" amongst Cryptic's intended demographic.

Blackstar of The Moon

Here i come Constantinople
Here i come Constantinople
I am coming Constantinople
Here i come (x2)

All the leaves are out of the oak
And all the sheeps have followed the spoken
Word i'm coming Constantinople
Here i come
So i stand out in the open
All my friends are with you i hope and
Pray i'm coming Constantinople
Here i come

Here i come Constantinople
Here i come Constantinople
I am coming Constantinople
Here i come (x3)

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The Suckerz [Daniele Montesi]

A Masterpiece! Great song

Artifex 28

Lacks only the song!

Sick Diabe


ludovico mancosu

Negli anni settanta doveva essere innovativo, oltre che inquietante/disturbante. A proposito, mi ha fatto tornare in mente il film horror Where the Dead Go to Die: anche se fatto interamente in stile videogioco
NON guardatelo se siete deboli di "stomaco" (poi non dite che non vi avevo avvertito!😱)

dean klebold

bella daniè, è sicuramente un bel pezzo di musica è disturbante ma orecchiabile


I lost three friends because of this song. I showed it to them, and they don't speak to me anymore. They think I have issues.


Good riddance. They weren’t worth your time then. They are the ones with issues.

Pee Slurpa

I thought you meant all three of your friends killed themselves goddamn.

Gonzo Volante

You just made a friend Slim.

Paris Knyght


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