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The Retrosic Lyrics


Writer(s): Joerg Kundinger

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I'm glad you guys enjoyed it :). I also liked Total War and Ground Zero....but DragonFire is top in my opinion.

Godzilla Traveler

I wanna play this in nightclub soooooo bad, this music is so hard to find in a club...:(

Vincent Sander

I would think any decent industrial club would play it.

Alejandro Vidal Castillo

+Raymond James Not in cold countries, like Chile.

Arlene Sanders

The part at 1:06. It's eerie in a beautiful kind of way.

Miguel Davis

I can imagine some Mechanicum Tech-Priest fighting on a chaotic battlefield to this song.

Wesley Johnson

with big hammers smashing everything to the bass

Vincent Sander

If that's the vibe you want, check out the band Heimataerde.

Robots From The Dead

if you like this you should check out the new video on my page


Awesome song !! Thanks for uploading

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