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Zombie Jamboree
The Sandpebbles Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Zombie Jamboree' by these artists:

Harry Belafonte It was a Zombie Jamboree Took place in a New York…
Kingston Trio Well, now Back to back, belly to belly Well I don't give…
Rockapella Hey, Back to back, ha ha ha ha, hey, belly…
The Charmer It was a Zombie Jamboree took place in a New…
The Kingston Trio Well, now Back to back, belly to belly Well I don't give…
the the kingston trio Well, now Back to back, belly to belly Well I don't give…
Various Artists Ma raison somnolĂ© Ma conscience me conseillĂ©e Mon subconscie…

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Love Power When we walk down the street Oh, we don't care who…

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Comments from YouTube:


Amazing song, really love the vibe and the lyrics! So happy I discovered this calypso sound <3


In 1953 Lord Intruder, from Tobago, performed "Jumbie Jamboree" at the Old Brigade Calypso Tent in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He performed the song live in Trinidad in 1953, but did not publish or record his song. The Mighty Charmer and King Flash first recorded the song in the 1950s in the United States, where the reference to the Trinidad graveyard was swapped out for Woodlawn Cemetery in New York. The song became widely known as the "Zombie Jamboree" as performed here by the Sandpebbles.


The original name is actually JUMBIE JAMBEREE. :) But one thing we all agree on, it IS a great song!!!


OK, I edited the video and made the correction. Thanks for pointing that out bajan2play and Jevezy. As for the Jumbie Jamberee vs Zombie Jamboree, lesson to be learned regarding not copyrighting your material, which Lord Intruder never did back in the 50's. But for me personally, I enjoy the song just as much regardless of the title.


Didn't realize that is what you were pointing out. Thanks for catching that typo on my part.

Peter Taylor

So why have you named it Vombie Jamboree on the video???

Peter Taylor

Its Zombie Jamboree?

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