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Camel Walk
The Saxons Lyrics

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Southern Culture On The Skids Baby, Would you eat that there snack cracker In your special…
The Ikettes One Two three four five six Seven Eight nine ten eleven One…

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Saxons:

It Ain't Right Bad luck and trouble Get out of my way My lady fortune's …

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Comments from YouTube:

Keith M

Found this at a record store for $7 recently!

Maxi's Place

@Keith M Agree! That's why there's so much in my series lol. So good.

Keith M

@Maxi's Place Car show hasn't happened yet, I forgot to mention. Those nuggets and pebbles comps are incredible. It doesn't get much better than garage!

Maxi's Place

@Keith M Ah I see!!! Well congratulations! I'd love to own one. If I had all the stuff I play in Stacks as original copies I'd either be really rich or really broke. Since I focus on pretty rare stuff especially. I'm not from Pittsburgh. I became a fan of his through a long love of Car Shows and Drags I'd go to throughout my childhood and life. THAT kind of lead me to a love for this era of Hit / Rock n Roll music and it went downhill from there. Discovering Nuggets and Pebbles started it all after a long thing with the Beatles. This is the wormhole as they say. I grew up in New Jersey but now reside in Colorado. I'm really happy to hear you've been checking it out. I only do it as a labor of love and my personal need to keep the culture kicking around as oldies radio changes.

Keith M

@Maxi's Place I had "camel walk the saxons" as a saved search on eBay, so I'll get a notification if a copy is listed. Not really lucky, I was just the highest bidder. Yeah, this was a staple of Mike's. I copies of a lot of the records he famously played. Are you from the Pittsburgh area? I'm in Baldwin in the South Hills, about 15 minutes from downtown. I've been following your channel for a while now, by the way.

Maxi's Place

@Keith M Dang dude! You're incredibly lucky! How did it go over at the car show?
You ever heard of thee old Rock n Roll DJ Mad Mike? This is very much his kind of record. I'm heavily inspired by him and my channel is an homage to him and other figures who celebrated cult Rock n Roll. You might dig it!

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top track

A Pa

this was such a hot tune, because it made absolutely no sense, like the adult world we grew up in.

A Pa

@The Iceman but at the time you heard it and you were 12-14 years old, did you know how much fun it was ?

The Iceman

But unlike that world, this is fun.

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