The Sea Urchins, Pristine Christine: We need your help!

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Pristine Christine
by The Sea Urchins

You swear you know.
Perhaps you do,
It could be true.
But you don't react like me (Oh)

Pristine Christine,
Will I ever feel?

Come to my world.
Don't be gone
with what you're on
and see if it will help more
I'm biased (Yeah)

Pristine Christine
Could you ever sing?

Answer and always get: You;
Me: I can't just change that's for sure.

Helping myself
for you is
too hard I think
but leaving it inside
now that don't make me feel nice.
Everyone's turn now.
You've hurt me!

Pristine Christine
will we ever be?

oh no no no no

Answer and always get: You;
Me: I don't know if to let you down.

Pristine Christine
Pristine Christine

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