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Pristine Christine
The Sea Urchins Lyrics

You swear you know.
Perhaps you do,
It could be true.
But you don't react like me (Oh)

Pristine Christine,
Will I ever feel?

Come to my world.
Don't be gone
with what you're on
and see if it will help more
I'm biased (Yeah)

Pristine Christine
Could you ever sing?

Answer and always get: You;
Me: I can't just change that's for sure.

Helping myself
for you is
too hard I think
but leaving it inside
now that don't make me feel nice.
Everyone's turn now.
You've hurt me!

Pristine Christine
will we ever be?

oh no no no no

Answer and always get: You;
Me: I don't know if to let you down.

Pristine Christine
Pristine Christine

Contributed by Gavin R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Eric Coudrill

Classic yearning indie tune.when I heard 'live forever'-oasis for the first time I heard elements of this immediately,did Mr Gallagher (un)consciously plagiarise the urchins?

Thomas Dugers

Fully possible it may not be only a coincidence, Oasis' the most overrated indie band of the history, anyway, I'll never understand how such an ordinary band managed to get almost the fame of the Smiths. Therefore is is definitely good that Sea Urchins never get forgotten for the couple of unmissable songs the've written, like "Summershine" and this one.

Spectral V

Everyone unconsciously plagiarizes but the Gallaghers are particularly obvious with their source material.

Lucien Rubempre

the Gallaghers plagiarise! never! Oasis sounded like nothing that had ever been before, certainly nothing like the Beatles or anything like that, not at all


i am a MASSIVE Sea Urchins fan and also a massive Oasis fan....and i never realised this connection til now. You are so right


Totally!!! Same chords on the verses. And a reminiscent melody.

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Abba Tributes

Still sounding magnificent in 2020! Takes me back to University......

Avihay Robin - אביחי רובין מאמן כושר אישי

the english sound... best

David B

That £1.99 price sticker. You'd be lucky to get hold of this for less than £300 now.

Shoe Gazer

Fetches a fortune now, being the first Sarah record.

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