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The Soul Children Lyrics

Ever since we've been together,
You've been buggin' me about,
Another woman.
Yes you have.

I'm gettin' sick and tired,
Of bein' accused.
I'm gonna make it through, honey,
Yes I am.

But when I come home from work,
I can hardly,
Close my eyes.

You keep buggin' me and naggin' me about,
Some hearsay and jive.
Ohhh, yeah yeah...

You've never seen me do nothin' wrong,
When I get my check,
I bring it home.
And you still run into me with that,
He said, she said, you did it.

Oh, good god,
????? in this neighborhood.
Oh yeah!
Neighbors talkin' about neighbors,
And that's no good,
No it ain't, baby.

And you pester me about what Shirley said,
Honey, that ain't true.

But did Shirley tell you,
What she was really tryin' to do?
I know she didn't, baby.

She was tryin' to get me,
To go to the Holiday Inn,
And she's supposed to be your so-called friend.

And you're still runnin' to her,
With that he-said, she-said, you did it.

You know you keep tellin' me about how tired you are.
Well I'm the one that's tired of that hearsay jive, baby.
Every time I walk out of my door, I'm staring Shirley right in the face.
And she's tellin' me about some woman you were with the night before.

Look here, I don't care about what Shirley said, you know?
Hey, and ??? the preacher said wasn't nothin' about honor, and-and, you know, faith, and things.
You better have faith in me, you know?
I'm your man.

But Shirley's my best friend.

Look here, lemme tell ya somethin'.
I don't want her comin' over to my house no more. I don't want her comin' over.
Hey, I guess I'm tellin' ya, I don't want it.
I don't want it. It's okay, just here, look, look...

You never seen me do nothin' wrong.
When I get my check,
I bring it home.
And you still run into me with that,
He said, she said, you did it.

Nevermind, baby!
I can't take no more, no!
??? think about it, I'll be home.

You know, honey, I will do you no wrong.
That hearsay jive, ain't nothin' but talk.
Thank you for using
They're tryin' get me to pack my bags and walk.
That hearsay jive is ?????????
Oh, that hearsay jive will make you do things wrong...

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Comments from YouTube:

Wayne Jackson

The Soul Children:Hearsay, and Laura Lee on the phonographs, playing their album, would send my late sister, in a frenzy, she loved her some Soul Children.

Janet Boggs

We used to call them in seventies,the soul chillin

George Williams

The good old soul

Melody Sanger

John Colbert "J. Blackfoot"
(Nov 20, 1946 – Nov 30, 2011)

Jim Jackson


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