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The Music Man: 76 Trombones
The Sound of Musical Orchestra Lyrics

Seventy-six trombones led the big parade
With a hundred and ten cornets close at hand.
They were followed by rows and rows of the finest virtuo-
Sos, the cream of ev'ry famous band.

Seventy-six trombones caught the morning sun
With a hundred and ten cornets right behind
There were more than a thousand reeds
Springing up like weeds
There were horns of ev'ry shape and kind.

There were copper bottom tympani in horse platoons
Thundering, thundering all along the way.
Double bell euphoniums and big bassoons,
Each bassoon having its big, fat say!

There were fifty mounted cannon in the battery
Thundering, thundering louder than before
Clarinets of ev'ry size
And trumpeters who'd improvise
A full octave higher than the score!

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The Great Hambino

MrStarman926 doesn’t bother me, for three reasons:
A) it’s part of the storyline
2) it still looks awesome


D) this is perhaps the most EPIC ending in history and without a doubt the MOST epic ending ever in a musical, unequaled and unparalleled by none!


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When you've been in marching band and can see all the people off step..... good song though.

Dinosaur Train

I’m watching this after a marching band performance. Good god, the horn angles

Irish_ Soldier124

From a veteran...I wanna reach through the screen and start screaming “left right left” 😂

Anita Larsen

I noticed that myself. I will always believe my high school's marching band marched better than this. But the sound is magnificent.

Cuddlebug Cute

This one time in band camp, lol band nerd here

Marilyn OConnell

Tree Walker It’s a freaking movie! They aren’t in some competition! They all doing what the movie tells them to do! So if you don’t like it then don’t watch it and criticize. Sorry you got angry about a fictional movie! IDIOT!!

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Gorgeous finale filmed on the beautiful Warner's back lot. The boy with the baton leading the band is Timmy Everett, my Mom's old boyfriend. Actually, Timmy was a boyfriend to many.

Cuddlebug Cute

@Simir Johnson TMI

Simir Johnson

M.O'Riley Timmy liked to put his baton in any place he could find.


In other words "my mom banged that guy"

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