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I'll Take You There
by The Staple Singers

Oh mmm I know a place
Ain't nobody cryin'
Ain't nobody worried
Ain't no smilin' faces
Mmm, no no
Lyin' to the races
Help me, come on, come on
Somebody, help me now (I'll take you there)
Help me, ya'all (I'll take you there)
Help me now (I'll take you there)
Oh! (I'll take you there)
Oh! Oh! Mercy! (I'll take you there)
Oh, let me take you there (I'll take you there)
Oh-oh! Let me take you there! (I'll take you there)
Play your, play your piano now
All right Ah do it do it
Come on now
Play on it, play on it
Daddy daddy daddy
Ooh, Lord
All right now
Baby, easy now
Now, come on, little lady
All right
Sock it, sock it
Ah, oh, oh!
I know a place, ya'all (I'll take you there)
Ain't nobody cryin' (I'll take you there)
Ain't nobody worried (I'll take you there)
No smilin' faces (I'll take you there)
Uh-uh (lyin' to the races) (I'll take you there)
Oh, no Oh! (I'll take you there)
Oh oh oh! (I'll take you there)
Mercy now! (I'll take you there)
I'm callin' callin' callin' mercy (I'll take you there)
Mercy mercy! (I'll take you there)
Let me (I'll take you there)
Oh oh! I'll take you there (I'll take you there)

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Alvertis Isbell

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Comments from YouTube:

Ron Cromer

I came back from Vietnam in late 1970 and by the summer of 1972 I was working for an airline up at LAX and living in a sweet apartment in Huntington Beach, California. I remember this recording and I remember burning holes thru pair after pair of socks, dancing in the kitchen while listening to this song on my record player (Garrard turntable & Harmon Kardon amp) and knocking down (steel) cans of Coors Banquet (no Coors Light back in the day). I was home from The Nam, alive and living large.

Mandy Marchese


Rose Black

Wow living the life glad to hear that Thank You so much for sacrifice & your service XOXOXO

Kserayall Y’all

What a beautiful story. Currently in the city by the bay - the North Bay. Getting up early to drive up the coast via 101 then the 1 to Mendocino— take in the breathtaking beauty of the wild Sonoma Coast - I ❤️ Cali.... most of the time ✌️

Skip Ijam

I was living on Crest st. just around those days, just off main a half mile from the pier

Thomas Castillo


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Stacy Bosco

Who's still bumping this in 2020?? 🎶

Funk A. Teer

Me, f'rinstance 🤘🏿

R Alvarez

THUMBS up if your going to be listening in 2020

Patch Davis

NOBODY else has that BEAT! Well, maybe Sly. . .

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