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Under Me Sleng Teng
The Story Of Jamaican Music Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Under Me Sleng Teng' by these artists:

Smith Wayne Way in my brain, is way in my brain Is way…
Wayne Smith Way in my brain, is way in my brain Is way…
Wayne Smith & Prince Jammy Way in my brain, is way in my brain Is way…

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Comments from YouTube:


Heard 'Under Me Sleng Teng' a couple of nights ago at a Dancehall event after a many years...the crowed went absolutely nuts!! This riddim is still one of the best and definitely not forgotten! So glad to have stumbled on this video....thank you soo much!...its give us inspiration to create something out!!

The Fakey Cake Maker

As a DB fan I can say with certainty that DB would have been delighted and bemused that his song influenced reggae in this way. DB was always an advocate for the black community and our music, he was fearless when he took on MTV regarding their lack of black artists and challenged them head on, he supported his Godson who is mixed race and his Godson's mother, a black woman and kept them from hardship after Marc Bolan died suddenly. I have a lot of love and respect for David Bowie as both a man and an artist.

Beta Ray Bill

Amazing, after over 36 years, that riddim still sting. What helped blow it up was the famous Rodigan/Barry G clash in Spanish Town which then aired live on Capital Radio.

Brinky Brinkz

Very interesting, my favorites were buddy bye and pumpkin belly. I first heard riddim on a mixed cassette from Jamaica and I was hooked first time listening.


Whaaaat. Mind blown . One of my favourite Bowie tunes too.


Right!? once you hear it, it seems so obvious but for decades I never noticed!

Victor Avendaño

Hace poco conseguí ese teclado no sabía que tenía historia wujuu!!!


Wow, what a story! Great job! Peace.

Billy Big time

These reggae videos are absolutely super keep them coming bet they take off big time very soon

mathews Otieno

Love it man👍

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