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Sometimes a River
The String Cheese Incident Lyrics

I was cleaning the ash from the fire
And putting the party away
Helping out all of my lost friends
To see the light of day

I'm feeling the wind through the window
Sometimes you crash through the wall
Seems like it comes out of nowhere
There's no warning at all

Sometimes a river, sometimes a river runs high
Sometimes a river, sometimes a river runs dry

I was making my way through a movie
And finding it hard to decide
Sometimes it comes without warning
It turns me over inside

I'm making a stab in the darkness
But you're wearing a hole in the floor
Suddenly everything changes
You're not the same as before

Sometimes a river, sometimes a river runs high
Sometimes a river, sometimes a river runs dry

You danced in my dream in a white dress
I watched from the top of the stairs
I woke up looking to find you
But you were not there

Seventeen hours of driving
But that's not a surprise
The world's all heavy with traffic
We never were good at goodbyes

No we never were no good at goodbyes

transposed by: TheDreadfulGreat

Contributed by Camden P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Dave Sanderson

I played this song almost 7 yrs ago at my dads funeral. When the only person whoever had your back goes too early, you remember them however you want, just to feel better. No one deserves to go before their time but when they do, you need to cherish and honor them for who they are and how they helped make you as a person. Love everyone, you never know when they'll be taken the next day..

Lando Wilson

Well said

lina jones

This was the last band my son saw before he pass. We played this at his funeral. Some people didn't understand but it wasn't their child who die

Lando Wilson

We understand

Vincenzo Rimola

@jbodet765 never said it was a naive song. It reminds me my naive years because I used to listen to this song during high school

Gregg Harper

So sorry for your loss..I too have felt that unspeakable feeling..what a wonderful tribute to him..peace to you and yours.

Stew Matter

Much love ❤️


judging a song at someone elses funeral is also demoralizing and wrong, ppl do not know the Cheese

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magworks 7

One of the coolest tunes I have heard in quite a while. Nice.!


This song live is beautiful!, are you hooked?

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