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Herpes of the Heart
The Sudden Passion Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Sudden Passion:

Parallel Line If the world doesn't owe you anything then, Maybe I do, Mayb…
Southern Fashion Touching down, Places I've outgrown, Tasting that misery I u…
Texas Sky Well it must have been the summer of '99, My dreams…

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Comments from YouTube:


Thank you Pirate Bay for poppin this album to my Black Keys download!! This song is better than 95% of the shit on the radio!! Amazing how many good bands get the shaft from record producers, and Nickelback just released their seventh LP.. life don't make no sense!!!


not sure how this ended up on my mp3 player, awesome to walk around rainy london with.


Somehow this album just appeared one day on my computer, no idea where it came from, so out of curiosity i listened to it. Been in love ever since.


Favorite TSP song! Very memorable lyrics and melody.


LOVE you guys!! so great find new stuff to rock out to! thank you! -when's the tour?! :)


Pirate Bay put this in my Florence download... I love them and BOUGHT the other 2 albums! taha <3

Austin Mabry

For some reason i have a whole album of theirs on my itunes and i have no idea how it got there. But I like it.

Bradley Palermo

Thanks for stopping by. More videos on the sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss them!


haha, so funny that it came up on TPB under the black keys. I just noticed you guys on my itunes and im loving it. Good Law school study music

Diana Willemijn Helmich

accidentally got onto this, but it's actually pretty good. i really like the video!

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