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Petit chaton avec miaouw
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diego omg xd

1:10 las eridas de los gatos
1:54 2undo gato
3:15 gato sale de su habitacion
3:48 gato tranquilo
4:08 gato peleando / fuera de control
4:33 gato peleando [2]
4:54 pelea de gatos
5:59 recuerdos de la gata con sus hijos que fueron al cielo
6:53 pruebas
7:25 recuerdos [2]
8:29 dulce hogar
10:02 gato conviviendo

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Miss Politically Incorrect

The fact that this elderly couple never gave up on her and went to such lengths to continue to keep her while trying to stay safe themselves is incredible. What amazingly sweet people.

Babacar Tall

I agree


Guilt can do a lot more than people think. Manipulation 101

Anita Futó



It's like he / she gets what's going on and is trying to calm things down. I feel sorry for both of those poor kitties.

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The level of emphaty this family has for the cat.. its actually heartwarming like seeing parents that taking care of their depressed and crazed daughter.


@Butterflyfanomg💖💖 used emojis, opinion invalid

just a tank builder

@Butterflyfanomg💖💖 is it wrong to call them family? seriously people this days.

Troll Hunter

@Butterflyfanomg💖💖 they are members of family anyway


🙄 Daughter 😂 it’s a cat! We don’t give birth to cats! We are the owners and they are a pet!

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