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The Gardener
The Tallest Man on Earth Lyrics

I sense a runner in the garden
Although my judgements known to fail
Once built a steamboat in a meadow
Cos I'd forgotten how to sail

I know the runner's going to tell you
There ain't no cowboy in my hair
So now he's buried by the daisies
So I could stay the tallest man in your eyes, babe

I sense a spy up in the chimney
From all the evidence I've burned
I guess he'll read it in the smoke now
And soon to ashes I'll return

I know the spy is going to tell you
It's not my flag up in the pole
So now he's buried by the lilies
So I could stay forever more in your eyes, babe

I sense a leak inside my phone now
From all the lies I have told
I know he has your private number
And soon he'll make that vicious call

I know the leak is going to tell you
There ain't no puppy in your leash
So now he'll fertilize the roses
So I could stay the king you see
In your eyes, babe
In your eyes, babe

So now we're dancing through the garden
And what a garden I have made
And now that death will grow my jasmine
I find it soothing I'm afraid

Now there is no need for suspicion
There ain't no frog kissing your hand
I won't be lying when I tell you
That I'm a garner I'm a man
In your eyes babe
In your eyes, babe
In your eyes, babe

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Kristian Matsson

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Comments from YouTube:

Service Above Self

10 years later, still listening. One of his best.



Buckets Oyeah

11 now


This was my favorite song to play when I was a high school freshman. Now I'm a sleep deprived, overworked law student. I miss those years when all I cared about was how I looked "in your eyes babe."

Morgane Krebs

Sending you lots of love, pal ❤️ Hope you'll find sleep and time for you, soon.


Used to love playing his music, did 'where do my bluebird fly' at a coffeehouse night in high school. Can't believe this is almost 12 years old

Jeferson Jr

this is almost 10 years old
we're getting old, this piece of art is not

Thomas Saulnier

vita brevis, ars longa

jammp p

you're getting old. I was 7 when this came out.


Time test passed

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