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The Touré-Raichel Collective Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The Touré-Raichel Collective:

Diaraby Oum guéllila djarabiyo Oum guéllila nétoumbé dé feu Oum guél…

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Comments from YouTube:

Niels Käpsele

I discovered this pice of music on a Delta Airlines flight, sitting 10.000 meters above ground, watching the clouds from above. This track made the moment even more magic. Back home, I bought the album. The magic is still there, even without the clouds.


same here : )


I can imagine myself in a barbecue, at my house expecting my friends and family to dinner! It's so warm that ambient, and we laughted and remembered the past, and made our lives exist once a night more... then everybody go home, and I stay alone with that music, That's the sense of life in this world. Thanks The Touré-Raichel Collective! Let's see on the other side ;D

Jelmer Bos

Couldn't have described it better friend, have a good day!


This song is spiritual to me, I can feel My soul vibing .

Tim Salz

When writing this song and playing it the time recording, there was so much of good and pure energy. I think something in the universe collects it and give's back to us if we are able to receive it


Exactly. If we open ourself, this kind of music elevates ourself, heart and soul, and give us also reliance to each other ❤❤❤ Thanks a lot 😍


Listening to it for months now and never tired.
Will trip on Azawade again and again and again..
Pure music so full of beautiful sounds always surprising and refreshing, playful and joyful.
Fascinating how one song can bring so much inner peace and take you to so many places at once. Flying and dancing at the same time.
Pure meditation and healing for the soul!
Thank you so much for this enrichment :)


I cannot explain how phenomenal the experience of listening to this for the first time was.

"Music (truly) is a world within itself, where the language be all understood!" - Stevie Wonder

Clothilde Gallet


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