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It's The Water
The True Jacqueline Lyrics

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Darrell McCall They brew some mighty sweet water down in Sweetwater Texas A…

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Mrs Applez


The chuckle whilst stating true love.

I see you Dr.G.

This is one of the best comment sections.

You lot really cheer me up. Give yourselves a pat in the back.

Thank you stay safe as we go into full lockdown here in the UK. 🙃

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The Trauma Mom

“Being wasteful is where she draws the line!” Love your sense of humor!


For real 😂

Sandra Tebar

Funny, I’m not a fan of it lol

Sunny Shores

I'm holloring😂😂😂😂😂😂

Rebecca Marino

And his delivery makes it all the funnier.

The Trauma Mom

@Toughen Up, Fluffy Very true!!

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Every time I'm sad that I'm single, I come to Dr. Grande's channel to reassure myself that it's better to be alive. Thank you, Dr. Grande.

rosieloomoon McBeth

No kidding!!😳😬




It's not an "either or".

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