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I'm in the U.S. Navy
The U.S. Navy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The U.S. Navy:

I I've waited for you and I've always been true But this…
Pain Right now I hear But I wanna see I need you to…
Up in the Morning Up In Smoke [R.E.U.] Well if you know what it's like a…
We Started Together I love your pretty smile I love the way you…

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Comments from YouTube:


THIS is how the navy should recruit.

Deborah Rosen

"I f***ed a mermaid..."

Lies my recruiter told me.

Chris Joy



If you can recite this you can get in the navy.


@AustralianSounds The fact that you even attempted to bring another video into this debate shows me that it's not going anywhere (the lonely island video)... I've already explained myself, American version (OF THIS VIDEO ONLY) took way more time and attention to complete and I believe it shows. I'm not going to start debating other videos that aren't the topic and that I haven't even seen.


fuckin splended production :)


@AustralianSounds Oh and I just watched the Australian one, it's fine but they got like 5 guys involved and the video took way less editing. This video looks like they got half the damn shit involved and waaaay more editing... Just saying hater

edwin myrick

These guys swear like sailors

Deborah Rosen

Of course they do, what's everyone else's excuse? :-D

1980s Love

Oh the irony

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