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The Uglysuit Lyrics

I tried to sleep in the rain, underneath an acorn tree, but the drops kept falling,
Hitting me, as I slipped further unconsciously, into a world of windy dreams.
Into a world of many windy dreams.
And where did I begin to drift off to that I think that I can fly.
My mind, I took it to Chicago.
The temperatures dropped to a stunning three degrees and I can hardly feel my legs.
Just as I had almost lost my mind completely, the seas had shown a sign to melt.
I sailed away towards many days. I sailed away so many ways.
And where did I begin to drift off to that I think that I can fly.
My mind, I took it to Chicago.

Contributed by Alaina A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Deanna Sydney

love the look of it! <3 the song...and ER!!

Nicholas Foster

i LOVE this song. heard it on a compilation CD for Dfest in Tulsa... it's fantastic. The wurlitzer is absolutely beautiful. Good work, guys.

Zach Doyle

they played the grand opening of my school The Academy of Contemporary Music, and they are unbelieveable. They are amazing both live and on the album in different ways. But one of my all time fav bands. This song is like heroin, once you hear it once, you are hooked


i love this song so much...i'm addicted to it. great band! great song!

Jacob Kenney

im seeing them on friday! theyre opening for umphreys!!! i cant waaaait... i could pee from pure excitement

Harriet Day

Accidentally discovered this amazing band whilst looking for genuinely ugly suits... I call that a win!

Jacob Sams

Saw these guys at Norman Music Festival :) The best experience ever


very beautiful song... peccato che in Italia non la conosca nessuno :(


that's right... I loved it :) great song...


i remember when these guys were corban eldra way back in the new bands tournament back in the bartlesville wherehouse days. always stellar music. i really like this! it's cool to see that they are doing so well. pure talent! :)

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