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Return of Django
The Upsetters Lyrics

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kent peters

I just put this song on before I walked up 2 flights of stairs and there isn't a song that exists that is is better than this one to walk up stairs to. I could have easily walked up 10 more flights. Great Song. If I owned a building where the elevator was always broken I would play this song in the stairwells and people wouldn't even be mad about having to take the stairs that day.


@Jessica Griffin and when I was walking up the stairs.

Jessica Griffin

Stoned you were when you wrote this !

Henning Møller

You're so right, even just walking down the street, this song makes all walking easy.



Shane Wright

If you were skankin', it's be terrible to climb stairs to - all that two steps up, on step back.... :-)

It would, however be the best elevator music ever.

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Moya Janko

A treasure, on vinyl. My teenage years, and me is a white female.

Mac Mckee

Swan lake, I had the single, black swan or white swan label I vaguely recal

Mandy Cook

Heres one to get you all thinking anyone remember swan lake in reggae can't remember groups name but it was good I still have it on vinyl

Mighty Beanstick

Glenn Miller's "In The Mood", set to a reggae rhythm. Bloody marvellous!

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