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I Could Save The Day
The Vanguard Villains Lyrics

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Anabel Hill

I never thought this would get turned into an animation. The WEBTOON makes me laugh but this anime makes it 10 times better. Hilarious!!! I hope there is another season and the story is still going.

Afifa Afzal

Do you know where does the webtoon begin for after episode 52?

Mika White

I love it

life is good

@Anjerrica Sembrano thanks for telling the name I knew I saw it before on a manga website I just forgot the name.

Mai Vue

Where did you read the webtoon?

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Blu Sky

Please plan for season 2 once the webcomic has to storylines available! This is fun and entertaining!

Personal Things

@Raisa Yi i won't marry the villainous prince

Blu Sky

@Lim Qi yes this is the English title…

Lim Qi

I think It is prince bastard parenting book

Raisa Yi

What's the name of this webtoon??? Please someone tell me

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