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Shifting Sands
by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

You know the love I gave you
is slipping from your hands
cause I was born to wander
like the shifting of the sands

They say that I did hurt you
but they don't understand
that I was born to wander
like the shifting of the sands

They say that I will follow
beware my heart commands
for I was born to wander
like the shifting of the sands

Contributed by Bentley P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

jake ford

this is my uncles band he is the guitar player


Does he still have his Jaguar?
Always been wanting to know a few details as to what guitar/ what model and year was used for the majority of these recordings.

Jack Klugman

Wow, loved this in High School, in the 80s , thank him for me, great guitar 😎


Ron Morgan? Right on! Great unsung lead player!

Flaminia Schäfer

jake ford they must be great guys to come up with something this groovy :p give them a hug from an italo-german stranger on the internet when you see them haha

Alan Smith

Wow I remember listening to this in hospital in 1967
The guy in the next bed had this album on reel to reel tape alongside Moby Grape and Velvet Underground
I got hepatitis from dirty spike (sigh) those were the days : )


I got my entire music collection on my harddrive wiped. In the list of the first six bands I had to redownload, three of them were Moby Grape, Velvet Underground and of course WCPAEB. Good taste.


You're still alive?


No one makes music like this anymore. I look forward to changing that.

Franklin Collective

people do but its just not popular anymore, but do your thing! we need more.... ps dont sleep on a lot of great bands that play today

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