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Ghost Of Christmas Future
The Whoa Boats Lyrics

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History doesn't prove only the, "skeptics," wrong lol as a matter of fact, it's not History that's proving anything it's the data that's revealed to us by our observations.

Yes, what we discover is usually much stranger than most people would imagine, but there isn't a human being that's ever lived who could do any more than make an educated prediction about the future.

"Skeptics," or not.

Actually, most Scientists would consider themselves skeptics it's kind of essential to the whole enterprise.

Because something doesn't become an objective truth until it's backed up with verifiable evidence that's peer-reviewed. And the more skeptical the peer, the more accurate the results of your interpretation of the data will be.

Data has to withstand scrutiny, and scrutiny depends upon skepticism.

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Am I the only one mind-blown by the fact that Marty steps into a time machine (not exactly the same but the same concept) from another movie?

DK_Bastian's Twitch

It is amazing to see he touches the real ones used from those movies! :O - he must have been mindblown himself! :O

Michael Suder

Why do I feel like I'm sitting in my middle school science classroom

Chris Osborne

@Lukaseu I actually saw this in the early 2000s in middle school. Pretty crazy. Guessing our library didn't want to get rid of it.


Probably giving you "Playing Bill Nye the Science Guy" on the SmartBoard vibes.


I feel like I'm going back in time just by watching this lost documentary, lol.


Here here

Hudson Bruce


Exodus Pessoa

Well Said

Daniel García


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