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Girl from the Northern States
The Young Republic Lyrics

I was not troubled by the distance of your friend
But she got close to Tennessee
But she won't be back again
Was it the thought of love or the rolling hills that she could not take
You know the sweeter air is just too fair for a girl from the northern states

The honesty of lucid tongues to you i will not preach
The city can't stake dying claims to the kind face of southern speech
As soon as you can please get past baltimore
Cause you'll never see nothing as green as virginia flying past your door

Don't go for coffee in our houses
You've seen her best it's emotionless noise
Slow down take a look at your hometown
That's all

She wrote you back she said she's sorry that you couldn't come up north
And now she's majoring in post-modern sin with some guy you've never heard of before

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