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Strange Girl
The Zolas Lyrics

You were the deep well
in earth-and-ocean class
and on the days you showed
I’d try to make you laugh.
Cliques drift and
converge in with a crash
And there we were, desk to desk
a young mountain and a strange girl.

And then we met again at university
you said I came to you in a heavy dream.
Life in a Glass House, you said was your secret theme.
Sometimes you creep me out
have I ever told you you’re a strange girl?

We were silver moths
around a naked bulb
on my parents’ porch that night
it was love
and it kept moving.

I know you oh so well
since we were 15
so well I feel my joints
when your weather’s shifting.
I’ll be your confidante
across the continents.
You may one day be queen
but to me you’ll always be that strange girl.

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Comments from YouTube:


I love this song, the instrumental sounds so kickass and yet the lyrics are so sweet.

Tony Kirby

Totally diggin' the Zolas

Roberto Bernal

Speed at 1.25 and it sounds fucking awesome

bryan donnison

Can't get this song out of my head.

Rol Guadarrama

Esta canción me gusta mas en velocidad 1.25
Es buena, pero con mas ritmo es mejor


Just a matter of time and this will be popular and people will think I'm a wise man


The main riff reminds me of Smells like teen spirit for some reason.

Kian Sparkes

Nice! 🕊

madhousemortuary sith

this track is groovin'.....

emma wells

deffs one of my favourite songs ever and the other day i got cat called and told him to fuck off and he said "fuck you strange girl" and it just made me think of this song so it was a ok with me hahah

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