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Thee Maldoror Kollective Lyrics

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Hey guys, to be clear the title is asking if a dmt/nmt blend is more intense than N,N-DMT on its own. But that title just looked too long and all over the place - The N,N-DMT Mixed with NMT Mystery | "Is it More Intense than N,N-DMT on its own?"

Also, I forgot to mention that I have also tried NMT mixes that were 50/50. Myself and most other people found those to be less intense than the 75/25 mixes. We also noticed, same as many people online, that it had a very "spacial" like effect to it. Everyone felt like the room had gotten really big all of a sudden. It's a strange effect.

X Infinity

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Shaine Maine

@Jackie Arklof 2 nights in the kitchen and you'll have acacia essence

X Infinity

Check this USA website they have Acacia Confusa and Mimosa bark!

Shaine Maine

I love this mixture. Ive tried NMT on its own and its completely fucked, kicks in immediately but doesnt last long.


I can extract pure nmt, and I'll tell you, it's potent on its own. But the mix does make them both even stronger

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Pat Russell

Most high I've ever been was at university when I spent $48 at the vending machine

X Infinity

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Troll [Sometimes]

You bought a pack of pencils?


I've spent 12$ at a vending machine before☹

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