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Any Other Name
Thomas Newman Lyrics

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My Name?

This slows down the time in which I'm in,
the depressed state in which we live in sin,
the dramatic changes in our little live's
the hatred between a man and wife,
the dailly commotion in which we witness and live,
the sharing of gifts and love in which we give,
the daily rush in which we commute,
the violence led by governments of brute,
I pray that he himself saves the stupid and weak,
not only spares the wise and meek,
perfection lost as I now witness,
trying to find that eternal bliss.
This song slows down the time of day,
wouldnt have it any other way..

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Classical Music11

It's criminal that Thomas Newman has never won an oscar.

Delrasshial [GD]

Oscar doesn't deserve them, they deserve something way better for this kind of stuff


@Becky Evans I hear something different in them all

Thommy Kane

agreed! I mean wtf

Roman Torteli

Ikr. 1917 was brilliant and I thought he might have won that but there was no way anything was beating the score for Joker. American Beauty shoild have one original music score imo. Scent of a Woman's score by Newman was good too but didn't get a nomination and Skyfall's score is amazing. Could well have an Oscar by now.

vikram sivaraman

Probably it was a scam not to be given!

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Ben JayToken

everyone's just like "..shwetabh gangwar.."
meanwhile, I'm just like " American Beauty "

Boston George

im sitting here and think about blow

omni rhythm

And I'm like Vojko V - Hana i Danijela, a 10 years old track from a local rapper's demo tape about a lesbian couple rejected by society.

sanket Pukale

@Username89039 Bro 'shwetabh gangwar' is name of youtuber who recommend this music.

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