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Any Other Name
Thomas Newman Lyrics

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My Name?

This slows down the time in which I'm in,
the depressed state in which we live in sin,
the dramatic changes in our little live's
the hatred between a man and wife,
the dailly commotion in which we witness and live,
the sharing of gifts and love in which we give,
the daily rush in which we commute,
the violence led by governments of brute,
I pray that he himself saves the stupid and weak,
not only spares the wise and meek,
perfection lost as I now witness,
trying to find that eternal bliss.
This song slows down the time of day,
wouldnt have it any other way..

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Classical Music11

It's criminal that Thomas Newman has never won an oscar.

Sir_Master_Justice 😈

Oscar for soundtrack?

Bárbara Gladis González Góngora

But, es sublime como se ha ganado la espiritualidad de las almas que escuchan su música. 💋


Or for))


@SaculNoshploda well said!


Oscar doesn't deserve them, they deserve something way better for this kind of stuff

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This song is like a lost memory. Engraved in your mind, soul and heart. Summer breeze, chilled water and being suspended in air. This man is a genius along with all of the Newman family. This is music is undescribale and nobody can explain it. Even if it has no story or history it still brings the same feeling you recieve behind your eyes as you are about to cry. God bless this piece.

Michael Makinney

Well said ✨

Gert Coppens

@der Volldrosten there is always hope..

Julie Klett

This is my song of choice for Winter Solstice... for all the reasons you mention. Simple, profound, evocative.

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