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Sun Beach
Thomas Schweizer Lyrics

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I wish this had a tracklist.

00:00 Rodriguez Jr. - "Mistral" (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
04:17 Stephan Bodzin - ID 01 (Unreleased) [upcoming album]
08:05 Stephan Bodzin - "Catamaran"
14:56 Stephan Bodzin - "Zulu"
22:20 Stephan Bodzin - ID 03 (Unreleased) [upcoming album]
26:04 Stephan Bodzin - "Strand"
32:24 Stephan Bodzin - "Birth"
37:18 Maybe... ID: "Birth Rework" (Unreleased)
40:37 Maybe... New Track Stephan Bodzin - ID 04 (Unreleased) [upcoming album]
47:54 Stephan Bodzin - "Odyssee"
52:55 Maybe... ID: "Odyssee Rework" (Unreleased)
57:49 Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - "Kerberos"
1:03:04 Stephan Bodzin - Boavista
1:10:02 Stephan Bodzin - "Powers Of Ten"
1:14:32 Stephan Bodzin - "Singularity"
1:20:56 Tale Of Us & Vaal - "Monument" (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
1:27:28 Pan-Pot - "Sleepless" (Stephan Bodzin Remix)


00:00 Rodriguez Jr. - Mistral (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
04:55 ID - ID
08:55 Stephan Bodzin - Catamaran
15:25 ID - ID
16:46 Stephan Bodzin - Zulu
21:59 ID - ID
(23:50 Sweater off, orange T-shirt time!)
26:10 Stephan Bodzin - Strand
33:10 Stephan Bodzin - Birth
40:40 Stephan Bodzin - Odyssee (Synthapella)
52:55 ID - ID
57:50 Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Kerberos
(1:02:49 Time to worship the sun!)
01:03:05 Stephan Bodzin - Boavista
01:10:02 Stephan Bodzin - Powers Of Ten
(01:13:36 Sun! You made this, you made all of this happen!)
01:15:50 Stephan Bodzin - Singularity
01:20:58 Tale Of Us & Vaal - Monument (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
01:27:40 Pan-Pot - Sleepless (Stephan Bodzin Remix)
(01:34:44 End)
(01:35:05 Interview)

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This is epic!

Simon Tremblay

@Cthulhu Man me
Leu gg je Im


@Cthulhu Man @1:17:04 Hold my Wine

Dipesh Debnath

I call it - 'Attack of the Filter Knob'

Eduardo Echeverría Rodríguez

Now its time for Paul Kalkbrenner



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Samuele Dominioni

No matter what (pyramids, air ballon, or other impressive locations) - this still remains the best Cercle set ever.

Bakyt Bugubaev

@testovirone Boris is king for sure, but he was inspired by Bodzin, it means hi is god!!!!


U know u have created a masterpiece when fans throw water in excitement on the music box and filming cameras @1:15:57 ..I hope he was unaware that the bottle was open..that could have ruined the Macbook and SLR and the bodzin machine

Arthus Sibille

You forgot mr Johannes Brecht in that fucking cave 🔥

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