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If I Only Were A Goth
ThouShaltNot Lyrics

I'd be thinner, I'd be taller
Go clubbing in my collar
With skin pale as a moth
Dressed in black, I'd go creepin'
When the normal folk are sleepin'
If I only were a Goth

With my hair up, I'd look fancy
Like Siouxsie and the Banshees
With silk or velvet cloth
Dressed in boots, never sandals
And the room would be lit with canldes
If I only were a Goth

Yes, I'd wanna die
From the bottom of my heart impure
Would I like another clove? Well, sure
And after that we'll go listen to The Cure
I'd pretend to be a vampire
Like in stories 'round the campfire
I'd suck your bloody froth!
Yes, the thing I'd be best at
Is impersonating Lestat
If I only were a Goth

In my casket purse I'm toutin'
Einsturzende Neubauten
And pagan hymns to Thoth
Yes, the world would be depressing
Over death I'd be obsessing
And this corpse that I'm undressing
Would be sexier, I'm guessing
With my diet, I'd get scurvy
And I'd worship Peter Murphy
If I only were a Goth

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Comments from YouTube:

Scott Andrew Hutchins

I was shocked when a self-identified goth friend said she wore sandals in summer.

Fallen Angel of Oz

Hi Scott! I didn't know you liked this song, too!


This band is so awesome

Sparky Marie

Let me tell you, as nice as we are.... you don’t want to spend as much time as we do getting ready...


High school flashbacks to my days of wanting to be a goth...

Rakiah Baker

I know this isn't a Voltaire song but it'd be cool!


they did a cover

fun life69 101

nice song

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