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Ticon Lyrics

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Rob Alinder

I just accidentally had a crowd of the 50 random people dancing to this as I busted it out of my car stereo at the beach. This is a stone cold killer groove!

subspace anomaly

Nice! I did that at a park in London with similar effects


So THIS is the sound of racing through the Cloud Ocean at 1,800 km/h… wonderful.




@_Nick_ hi Navy lmao


That track and game brought me here too 😁

rafael pessoa

Essa track é uma diazepan na mente. De8xa tua pressão 12 por 8.

Lucas Simionato Carra


Rafael Lé

1987 clássico demais man é sem palavras para este hino da eletrônic music sem dúvidas

Joana Dias

Verdade! 💖🇵🇹

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