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Traveling Alone
Tift Merritt Lyrics

This morning, if it all was gone, funny thing, it wouldn’t phase me none.
Might feel like I just got home. See, I always had a taste for traveling alone.

Only get this one time round, better speak up straight, better speak up proud.
Good Lord, if he’s not at home, well, I always had a taste for traveling alone.

Oh If I had a son, I would make him laugh, I would teach him something.
I’d say, Son, you gotta hold your own, and it’s good to have a taste for traveling alone.

Oh If I had a love, I would say, Man, got to keep up.
Got to lay down, baby, feed my soul, ’cause you know I got a taste for traveling alone.

Oh If I had a song, I would sing it now, wouldn’t take too long.
I’d sing, Goodness is a real bare bone, and it’s what you do when you’re traveling alone.

Down south, baby, in the heat, I was raised up right, I was raised so sweet.
Sweetness ain’t gonna get you home. You’re bound to get a taste of traveling alone.

I know that the world is mean, I know it don’t care, I been around, I seen it.
It’s like a pretty girl who don’t even know. I guess everybody here is traveling alone.

Cigarettes and a pick up truck, I’m gonna leave this town now, I got to press my luck.
Ocean gonna break so slow. You know, I always had a taste for traveling alone.

Writer(s): Tift Merritt Copyright: Train Penny Publishing, Bike Music O.B.O. Train Penny Pub

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Comments from YouTube:

Brittany S

This song reminds me of a dirt road, and muddy boots. I can't get enough of her voice!!

Vincent Kelly

One of the great songwriters of our time, what a bunch of truly awesome songs she has written. A return visit to Ireland is long overdue.

Larry Blisard

Takes me back to a coffee house somewhere in the '70s to some of the best music ever.

Kathy Hurst

Bought the cd yesterday--the whole album is great. Love it!

X Tho

It doesn't get much better than this. Tift Merritt, I have no idea who you are. And i don't know any of your other work but this song gets me going. Unreal piece of art. This is amazing. Thank you Tift!!

Colton Slattery

“Well I hope he’s had a taste of travelin alone..”

Inspirational. Thank you kindly.

Glen Harris

the voice of an angel can't wait to see her in nz next month

ilona van Ginkel

beautiful song

Rad MillerJr.

Great pipes, great song. the Radman


Ahhh I love this song

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