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Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine
Tigers Jaw Lyrics

Lie to me like you used to
Tell me everything is how it should be
Lie to me, did you have to?
Because in the end it never matters what I think
And I can barely tell the sky from the shoreline
And I can see myself reflected in your eyes

And this was all a dream
And it's coming back to me
A portrait in grey scale
A perfect betrayal
And I can't even breathe with this weighing on my chest
You knew me at my best
Now I can't even stand on my own

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My friend died 9 months ago at age 21. We were best friends growing up. He would drive around and blast this song and sing at the very top of his lungs with me in the passenger seat all the time. It didn’t connect to us, he just loved this song. It still makes me cry when I here it, but I’m so happy that I have this song. It makes me feel close to my friend even though he’s gone. I just wish it was longer. Thank you to who wrote this.


@GetFriedGoFishing thanks dude this one will always hit different and still makes me cry like a baby miss my buddy


crazy how some songs just hit different. sorry for your loss man.

earthboundTV 我ラーン你

sorry for your loss ☮️


I feel this


Not every song needs a perfect singer, the fact that he poured all of his emotion into the song is what makes it special and the most adept singer in the world couldn't capture that like he did. The imperfections make it perfect.

Soil Bound

I think it represents an obvious defeat with no positive outcome for any.
It's an ordeal, and there seems be no way to resolve, other than destruction.
Tank shoots Plane - Sub shoots Tank - Plane falls and destroys Sub.

Soil Bound

@Chris Topher friggin great comment

Colin H

You just described American politics. There is no winning for us voters the options are shit and shittier

Soil Bound

@ebenakiva lmao. Yeah I have no fuckin clue what I was thinking there

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