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Tim Hecker Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Tim Hecker:

Hatred of Music I I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I…
Hatred of Music: I I used to rule the world Seas would rise when I…

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Diaz Mathis

To Every Man His Chimera
by Charles Baudelaire

Under a vast gray sky, on a vast and dusty plain without paths, without grass, without a nettle or a thistle, I came upon several men bent double as they walked.

Each one carried on his back an enormous Chimera, as heavy as a sack of flour, as a sack of coal, as the accoutrement of a Roman foot-soldier.

But the monstrous beast was no inanimate weight; on the contrary, it hugged and bore down heavily on the man with its elastic and powerful muscles; it clutched at the breast of its mount with enormous claws; and its fabulous head overhung the man’s forehead like those horrible helmets with which ancient warriors tried to strike terror into their enemies.

I questioned one of these men and asked him where they were going like that. He replied that he did not know and that none of them knew; but that obviously they must be going somewhere since they were impelled by an irresistible urge to go on.

A curious thing to note: not one of these travelers seemed to resent the ferocious beast hanging around his neck and glued to his back; apparently they considered it a part of themselves. All those worn and serious faces showed not the least sign of despair; under the depressing dome of the sky, with their feet deep in the dust of the earth as desolate as the sky, they went along with the resigned look of men who are condemned to hope forever.

And the procession passed by me and disappeared in the haze of the horizon just where the rounded surface of the planet prevents man’s gaze from following.

And for a few moments I persisted in trying to understand this mystery; but soon irresistible Indifference descended upon me, and I was more cruelly oppressed by its weight than those men had been by their crushing Chimeras.

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The days I spent submerged in this style of music while studying for college and thinking deeply about the world/universe. Really is a trip this song.


i'm actually going through that, this past week, all i listen to is Tim Hecker, Grouper, The Dead Texan.

Joanna Wilderspin

This is so beautiful yet painfully sad, life is just like this, goes right inside and pulls out your heart

Kevin Ba

Best Ambient track i heard in my life.
Try to mix it with itself. Amazing art.

Jonas Dorff

this is absolutely beautiful. A Masterpiece..

Sense Of Decay

still gets me speechless, quiet and thinking.


This song always pulls me into this strange state of numbness. It feels like reliving a distant memory or seeing through the cracks of reality. The feeling is underdescribable with words, yet we feel it through music!


It's very melancholic, yet it makes me kind of happy 

Andrew Lewis

I love the video. I think it complements the music so well.


Straight out of Tarkovsky's Stalker. Awesome work. 

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