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Why do people still talk about starwars?
Or Abe Lincoln?
Or Leonardo davinci?
Or the titanic?
Or Beethoven's fifth?
Or Jesus Christ?
Many people, events, songs, stories are important to our combined history.

Undertale is most likely going to remain relevant for decades at least.

Anthony Miranda

*You play the song

*You like the song

*The song fills you with Determination

*You wanted to speed the song out of curiosity

*Should you Speed it up?

❤Yes No

*You sped it up

*You are familiar with the song, It fills you with more Determination

*Should you save?

Frisk LV. 0

❤Yes No

*You saved

Jordyn Stief

A while later in the backstage area on the Raw After WrestleMania 35...
???: Amateurs.
Chad Gable: (turns toward the mysterious voice.) What was that?
???: clears throat I said, amateurs.
footsteps on the floor toward the former Olympian and the Glorious One are heard in the background of the backstage area, Megalovania suddenly plays in the background
???: (approaches them wearing a black hooded gown with the hood over her head in order to conceal her identity, the WWE Women's tag team championship around her shoulder and the Lone Wolf amulet pendant around her neck.)
Bobby Roode: Oh! nervousness clearly evident in his voice And, who are you?
???: The both of you can address me as "The Lone Wolverine," if you gentlemen want to get technical. But, if simplicity is what you seek, then, I'll try my best to provide the two of you that simplicity. Allow me to formally introduce myself. My name (as she removes the hood from over her head in order to reveal who she is to them.) is Princess Baroness Corbin, the long-lost daughter of the current SmackDown Live tag team champions, the Lone Wolves and one half of the new WWE Women's tag team champions.
Chad: Whoa. (overtaken by the exquisite beauty of the long-lost daughter of the current SmackDown Live tag team champions, the Lone Wolves.) Oh, I'm Chad Gable. (lends out his hand for her to shake.)
Princess Baroness Corbin: (shakes his hand.)
Bobby: (as he lends out his own hand for her to shake.) And I am the Glorious One, Bobby Roode.
Baroness: (shakes his hand and blushes as the Glorious One romantically kisses her hand.) Oh, Mr. Roode. I had no idea that you had a thing for feminine second generation superstars.
Bobby: You know, I don't think we've ever seen you around these parts before, I mean, at least to my knowledge, ma'am.
Chad: Yeah.
Baroness: Well, it maybe because gentlemen, I officially made my debut at WrestleMania last night during the Fatal 5-Way tag team match for the WWE Women's tag team championship alongside my mother, the first ever female Grand WWE Champion, Empress Madame Ninja Barrett.
Bobby: So, you saw an opportunity to make your debut at WrestleMania last night and took it, right?
Baroness: Well, yes.
Chad: You see, ma'am, that's kinda what we're going to do going forward.
Bobby: Yeah.
Baroness: I came here wondering if you could give me tag team advice because I've got a Six Man Title Vs Careers tag match with me teaming up with my dominant SmackDown Live tag team champion parents, the Lone Wolves against the New Day.
Chad: Oh, you came backstage looking for tag team advice?
Baroness: I was hoping the two of you could help me, given the fact that the both of you have competed in the tag team circuit with different respective tag partners and team names yourselves.
Bobby: That is true.
Chad: Sure. We can give you some tag advice.
Baroness: Great.
Chad: I think the main advice we can give you is to try building up some tag team combos with your partner or partners.
Baroness: Thank you, Mr. Gable. I'll no doubt use this advice tonight.
Chad: Okay.
Bobby: So, where exactly have you been before coming to WWE and how come up until now, we've never heard of you before?
Chad: That's kinda what I would like to know.
Baroness: Oh, I was wrestling on the independents, both international and overseas, training for my eventual debut last night. Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, New Japan, Women of Wrestling, you name it, there's a chance I've wrestled there.
Chad: So, if you were doing great elsewhere, what eventually brought you here to WWE?
Bobby: That's the burning question plaguing my mind right now, Chad.
Baroness: I was actively searching for my biological parents for the last few years of my life in actuality and I was trying to piece together the mystery of who they were or where to find them. I didn't even know how to go about it at the time, but I had a good idea as to what they did. I was down in NXT for the past two years or so.
Bobby: (as he's processing this information.) Wait a minute.
Chad: Whoa. You were down in NXT for two years?!
Bobby: So, that unassuming chick in the black hooded gown during my time on NXT 2 years ago, that was you?
Baroness: Yes and yes.
Chad: Interesting.
Bobby: Remind me. Who are your parents again? Because I think Chad and I might have fought them both before.
Both: (show up beside their newest tag partner in the Lone Wolves, their long-lost daughter.)
Baron Corbin: (to their long-lost daughter as he's wearing the SmackDown Live tag team championship around his shoulder, the Lone Wolf amulet pendant around his neck and the ring she proposed to him with on the SmackDown Live after SummerSlam almost 2 years ago around his finger.) Oh, we see you're making friends already.
Empress Madame Ninja Barrett: (to their long-lost daughter wearing the black metallic General Manager's outfit, the Constable of SmackDown Live medal around her neck with the red heart locket, the Snake Amulet and the Lone Wolf amulet pendant also around her neck, the black metallic TNA General's coat and hat, the WWE Women's tag team championship around her waist and the pair of Elias's wristbands.) Yes. Very impressive, my daughter.
Chad: Wait a minute. These two are your parents?
Baroness: Yes. I reunited with these two last night after going an x amount of years without seeing them after they won their 2 on 1 Handicap Retirement match against the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle.
Bobby: No way.

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Julian Geerts

When you throw a rock at the blind kid, but he catches it:

Marco Hermosillo



Holy shi-

test cuz idk yes

it’s all fun and games till he pulls out a god damn fucking pump shotgun *and uses the aim also

trainer's animations (not doing them yet)

That's Matt murdock

Alison Estrada - CEM Student

Why do I hear boss music?

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TRS Scorpion

everybody gangsta till the quiet kid’s eye starts glowing


@bacon bacon



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@JacksonPlayzzz02 bro chill the man didnt even right it fully

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